Your next level is here

Every session is worth celebrating but with our unique workout journey, you’ll reach unforgettable milestones. Choose your studio to start your journey today.


It’s our journey. Your milestones.

Every workout counts when you’re levelling up your training. It starts with ‘hitting the wall’ on your first session – where it’ll take you then is up to you. We’ll see you for the celebration though. Go from a workout warrior to the stuff of legends.


You’re ready to face any challenge and fight for the best version of yourself.

You’re part of a community of warriors, brave enough to keep pushing yourself and your limits.

You’ve achieved things you never thought you could do. You’re an icon.

You’ve leveled up in your training; you’re showing others how its done and leading the charge.

Experience, disciplined, always achieving. Your warrior spirit has gone to the next-level.

You’ve stepped up to an even greater level of strength and power. You are invincible.

You’ve ascended. You’ve found your limits and smashed through them.

Unstoppable. The stuff of legends.

Greatness is waiting

We swEaT togeThEr

You were born a warrior. We have what it takes to make you a legend.

Take on the Steel Week.
Seven workouts in seven days.

Not for the faint-hearted but for the brave-hearted.

Wall of fame

Legends are made here.

It takes power and perseverance to reach the Wall of Fame. Complete one thousand sessions with us and become one of our Legends. It’s the status worth sweating for.


Designed for progress.

Our expert coaches are constantly programming the TRIB3 workout so that you get more from each and every workout. Always with our TRI Training System, but we keep it fresh for you so you can keep levelling up.

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